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AI’s most recognized application is “thinking.” This is the zone of advanced analytics across new data sources, such as unstructured text or the internet itself. AI’s speed, scale and scope has completely changed the game as to what’s possible.

New types of AI can “read” how the internet behaves and can understand the way people interact with digital hyperspace.

Companies can make highly accurate predictions about customer behavior based on things only AI can measure, such as a person’s digital footprint or the way they move their mouse when on a website.

Entire corpuses of text – virtually unlimited amounts – can be read by machines which then bring important, perhaps buried, facts to the humans who need them.

We think the most inspirational examples of advanced analysis and prediction are:

  • being able to detect how customers are reacting to websites based on how they move around – virtually and physically
A video by the company Fullstory about how their AI helps make a highly efficient website and customer experience by predicting a range of things about customer behavior, intent and satisfaction
  • being able to predict where people should spend their time
This Salesforce video is a succinct summary of how AI that sits behind the scenes can improve the accuracy of predictions about where people should spend their time for successful outcomes
  • understand exactly how people find you online
A short primer on how AI can find customers in the mass of the internet based on hard-to-find cues of where they are journeying
  • read and analyze thousands of documents in a matter of minutes
It’s all legal stuff but that’s what makes this AI impressive

Watch these videos, discuss what you think is inspirational and imagine what could happen next.

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