AI Design Studio

Human-centered AI design — now all in one place.

For only $199 / year.

Making AI design easier, more inclusive, more ethical and more human.

  • A complete system for designing human-centered AI.
  • Offers a new way for designers, product managers, software developers and technology ethicists to design AI.
  • The only end-to-end design system that takes account of the unique aspects of designing that humans want.
  • Unique design thinking tools that turn AI ethics principles into design practices.
  • Provides the tools people need to design human-machine systems that preserve human agency and enhance diversity and inclusion.

Our AI Design Studio includes:

  • Design thinking-style, customized, step-by-step instructions for applying human-centered design to AI, including detailed canvases and frameworks for designing AI interactions and relationships.
  •  Template, posters and workbooks that make distributed team collaboration easy and are customized for the technical and ethical considerations of AI.
  • Easy-to-understand overviews and tools for people new to AI and technology ethics.

A complete design thinking toolkit for you and your team:

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Sonder Scheme Studio

How to build AI that humans want

Artificial intelligence is a new way to tell computers what people want. This means there are new requirements for design. Design has to take into account a whole host of new ideas — from telling computers about the values of individual and society to allowing individual users to provide feedback to a machine in a personally meaningful way, dynamically, in real-time.

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How to design human—centered, not human—futures, AI

Human-centered AI design must be the way forward. If AI design is untempered by human concerns for fairness, equity, justifiability and human accountability, if it only optimizes for one thing (profit), or if it is solely designed to create a future-you rather than understanding the future-you, then we all lose—especially in our authentic connections with others.

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