Starter kit: How to know if your organization is ready for AI

Future competitiveness will rely on leveraging AI. This will be especially true post-COVID19 as economies and organizations recover.

Leaders and talent management professionals need to understand AI because successful integration relies on people.

As an HR professional or talent manager, how can you assess AI readiness in your organization? To answer this question, we put together a talent development readiness kit for AI.

This starter kit is designed for anyone who wants to create an AI talent development strategy. At the end of this series of exercises you will have:

  • Taken a broader team through the readiness exercise.
  • Discussed the most important gaps in readiness for your organization.
  • Brainstormed ideas for closing the gap.
  • Sorted the ideas and ranked them according to their impact and do-ability.

It consists of 7 steps and comes with templates for you and your team to work through:

1: Determine your organization’s AI readiness score: rank you organization by using our customized AI-ready criteria

2: Share, compare, decide: use individual assessments to develop a shared view

3: Understand the importance of closing the gap: understand what everyone thinks about what is most important to work on

4: Prioritizing closing the readiness gap: decide on what gaps to prioritize closing

5: Solution generation and ranking: develop solutions and prioritize them based on impact and do-ability

6: Response planning: plan your response and make it stick

7: Talent mapping: go deeper if and map the vision for human v machine roles in your organization

Send us an email at and we will send one right back. No strings attached.

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