Design is being revolutionized. AI can take thousands of data points and generate millions of designs. AI can calculate material requirements and engineering parameters with orders of magnitude more precision, enabling not only more efficient designs but truly novel constructions.

AI can also help designers be more creative with unique virtual worlds and the ability to experiment and create hybrid machine-human ideas.

Inspirational ideas abound. Here’s some we like to highlight.

  • creating new aircraft partitions that are half as light and just as strong using AI material optimization and 3-D printing

Airbus and Autodesk. Really cool.
  • generating millions of variations on a design and allowing people to play with and iterate on them

Spacemaker helps people discover smarter ways to maximize building sites.
  • making products that have engagement superpowers by incorporating virtual worlds

Crazy stuff. Thanks Pepsi.

Watch these videos, discuss what you think is inspirational and imagine what could happen next.

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