Make your next executive offsite, an AI innovation workshop

Are you a facilitator or business leader who needs a practical way to develop, or refresh, an innovation, marketing or operations strategy? It’s time to take a focused look at artificial intelligence innovation and make your next executive offsite an AI innovation workshop.

Artificial intelligence will change every industry as it diffuses through the economy. McKinsey research highlights that its application to real-world business problems extends across nearly every sector, with the biggest effect in two particular business functions: marketing and sales ($2.6 trillion) and supply-chain management and manufacturing ($2 trillion).

By now, digital leaders are ahead with AI. Many companies have started, but are not there yet. Others know that they will have to slow things down for a while and ensure the AI is built ethically and with the right level of accountability and transparency.

Developing and delivering on an artificial intelligence innovation strategy is complex. It starts with getting people empowered, confident and creative about AI: so they can see the opportunity for themselves and start innovating in ways they haven’t before. Our in-person, facilitated AI innovation workshop, the AI Opportunity Sprint, does this with a lot of fun learning, which means the insights carry forward into other areas.

Our Opportunity Sprint is fast and effective and it’s optimized for AI. At the end of one of our day-long Opportunity Sprints you will have a prioritized roadmap of AI opportunities that you can start implementing immediately, in an ethical-first way, as well as:

  • a fast track understanding of AI that level-sets the group, no matter what their technical understanding – what AI is and is not, in a simple, human-centered way, and a common language for talking about AI
  • a shared, cross-functional understanding of the highest priority solutions to your challenge and why AI is the right path
  • a heat map of the most inspirational and impactful experiences that could be unlocked using AI
  • a risk assessment that sets the stage for the unique governance requirements of ethical AI development
  • a clear understanding of the interrelationships and interdependencies that exist in the data and the identified opportunities
  • a set of prioritized “do now” opportunities, plus what is best left for later
  • the metrics that matter, making the day more than a “talk fest.”

AI is different. It requires both cross-functional and cross-cut engagement, where people from the front lines of the business work with senior executives and those behind the scenes in the technical organization. Your team also works with our experts, so opportunities are co-created and you benefit from our knowledge of the frontier of AI.

Our Opportunity Sprint makes it easy to bring in people with different level of technical and business understanding, as well as different levels of seniority, to develop a common view, a unified vision and a roadmap of what to do next.

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