Try these team exercises to be inspired about what’s possible with AI


We’d never recommend applying technology for technology’s sake. Any investment in technology needs to provide value, address pain points and solve problems. That is true for AI as well. But, given the scale of potential applications, companies need a new approach to identifying problems that AI may solve. And creatively exploring those solutions is a valuable exercise if gone about in the right way.

The most advanced companies today understand the scale of AI’s potential impact. They aren’t ignoring AI and they aren’t just following the herd and with a simple, linear solution. Instead, they are evaluating their business problems from new perspectives. They are using the inspiration of how others are solving problems with AI to find new problems. They understand that AI’s solutions allow them to address problems they couldn’t before.

Our What if? tools are designed to help you start the conversation inside your company. They aren’t solutions looking for problems, they are inspirations for what’s possible. For each AI inspiration we prompt teams to explore four ideas:

  • what if you could create (the AI power)?
  • what problem might you solve?
  • for whom?
  • how might that change your business?

We research hundreds of companies and AI examples. This research goes into creating the What if? templates so that innovation teams can see what’s possible with AI.

insprirations board2

Then we add to them all the time – they are part of the many resources that come with membership – and we make it easy for people to construct their own for brainstorming and ideation workshops.

Using What if? for inspiration is one of the best ways for people to iterate from understanding AI to being able to envisage the future of AI-first products.

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