The Sonder Foundry

Building human-centered AI

We help start-ups around the world create human-centered AI businesses

We work with start-ups as coaches, advisors and team members. We roll up our sleeves to help you build a great, sustainable business. We run design sprints to help nail the right product, we’ll serve as interim executives, we’ll be your strategic advisors and executive coaches and we’ll even handle all the details like company formation, financials, branding—everything that’s needed to get your company going as quickly as possible. 

We help you find product-market fit, build a revenue model, determine your unit economics and find capital that will allow you to grow. We help you scale up, find the right team members and create an operations plan built around the metrics that matter. We’ll take on your back office, run your financials, HR and marketing systems. We can scale up through a network of people we’ve worked with around the world who can get you going and support you all the way.

We’ve built our own businesses with mixed success so we know what it’s like to sell a company and what it’s like to shut one down. We’ve also worked with dozens of start-ups, helping them figure out the right strategy, how to build the best product, how to raise capital and how to negotiate the best exits. We’ve helped get businesses off the ground, helped others grow beyond $100 million in revenue, helped others raise millions of investment and helped others get acquired by major corporations.

We mix our start-up experience with major corporate experience—we know what it means to bootstrap and we know what it means to be a major player. Our experience includes working with leading organizations including Adobe, Apple, Charles River Ventures, Cisco, Fonterra, Google, Morgan Stanley, The New York Times, Quartz, SunPower, Transpower NZ, the US Department of Energy and the World Green Building Council.