Ethical HR & Recruiting AI

Expert guidance for selecting and implementing AI-based systems in HR and Recruiting

Ensuring equality and fairness through ethical integration

Strategy: Defining your goals and intentions

  • Good news: AI systems for HR and recruiting provide the opportunity to create highly scalable systems that can automate priorities based on assessments that are only available to machines.
  • Bad news: AI systems are complex and frequently opaque, creating a high risk of getting the wrong outcome with the wrong balance between increasing efficiency, reducing bias and reducing risk.
  • Good news: We can help your team set your goals and priorities including establishing ethical design and human-centered implementation standards.

Assessing your bias risk

  • Good news: AI systems provide the opportunity to create standardized recruiting and talent management systems.
  • Bad news: AI systems learn from data and data about the world and people is biased—this means that AI systems will naturally perpetuate existing biases.
  • Good news: We can help your team assess the risk of bias as you evaluate and implement AI systems by understanding bias, assessing the risk and planning for the best possible outcome.

Assessing vendors

  • Good news: There are a variety of vendors to choose from—we track more than a dozen.
  • Bad news: Vendors are vague about their claims of de-biasing and fairness and it’s difficult to validate.
  • Good news: We can help your team to assess vendors by asking the right questions in the right ways to get the best answers for your company and your use case.

Organizing for an audit

  • Good news: There are tools that explain how AI recruiting systems work.
  • Bad news: These tools aren’t easy to use—even if you’re a data scientist—and they are limited in their ability to audit fairness and equality.
  • Good news: We can help your team make decisions around data, model training, target selection, acceptable failure modes and fairness criteria.

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