DIY your next innovation workshop with our Opportunity Sprint for AI toolkit

AI is everywhere and is changing everything. It is used by the largest companies in the world to amplify their digital advantage. Adapting to this new technology is daunting—most people won’t be AI engineers or data scientists. AI innovation starts with getting people empowered, confident and creative about AI; so they can see the opportunity for themselves and start innovating in ways they haven’t before. Our in-person, facilitated AI innovation workshop does this, but now you can do it yourself with this toolkit.

As more companies use AI and more people encounter AI-enabled products, there will be more demand for leaders who understand what AI is, what it can and cannot do, how to govern AI in the real world and how to design and implement AI systems.

Until now, much of this has been left in the hands of the technologists. But now, there is a practical way to learn and lead in the age of AI.

As a facilitator or business leader, you can lead a team in an innovation workshop setting to develop, or refresh, an AI-enabled innovation, product or technology strategy without having a deep knowledge of AI.

We’re proud to launch the digital version of our AI innovation workshop, the Opportunity Sprint “in a box.” The training and toolkit gives you everything you need to run a full day innovation workshop and, at the end, have a prioritized roadmap of AI opportunities that your team can start implementing immediately, in an ethical-first way.

The Opportunity Sprint kit includes:

  • video and written instructions for the day, with examples
  • posters for effective design thinking-style collaboration
  • all the templates you need to capture the details, including post-workshop report and templates to create proposals to move your solutions forward
  • how to capture metrics that matter once the workshop is done
  • remote instructions
  • facilitator tips for keeping people moving and getting to tangible outcomes

Everything you need—the training and toolkit—to run an AI innovation workshop.

It’s fast, effective and optimized for AI. At the end of it your team will have:

  • a fast-track understanding of AI that level-sets the group, no matter what their level of technical understanding is – what it is and is not, in a simple, human-centered way
  • a common language for talking about AI
  • a shared, cross-functional understanding of the highest priority solutions to your challenge and why AI is the right path
  • a heat map of the most inspirational and impactful opportunities that could be unlocked using AI
  • a risk assessment that sets the stage for the unique governance requirements of ethical AI development
  • a clear understanding of the interrelationships and interdependencies that exist in the data and AI opportunities
  • a set of prioritized “do now” opportunities

AI is different. It requires both cross-functional and cross-cut (up and down the organization) engagement. Our Opportunity Sprint makes it easy to bring in people with different levels of technical and business understanding, as well as different levels of seniority, to develop a common view.

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