daniel kahneman speaking

The Nobel Prize winner who busted intuition explains why we all still use it

16 Apr 2021

In a recent discussion with organizational psychologist Adam Grant, Kahneman reveals that he makes most of his decisions based on intuition.

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making decisions

Making better decisions: new rules for prediction and planning

24 Feb 2021

Prediction is at the heart of making decisions under uncertainty. AI makes prediction cheap.

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Making better decisions: calibrating confidence

22 Feb 2021

One human factor can matter more than anything in a decision: overconfidence.

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this way or that way sign

Making better decisions: “which” versus “whether”

20 Feb 2021

Every time you are faced with a "whether" decision, you are far more likely to make a better decision if you can make it a "which" decision instead.

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making better decisions

Making better decisions: taming cognitive biases

18 Feb 2021

There are dozens of cognitive biases—far too many to commit to memory, let alone be aware of them in the moment.

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Making better decisions: forecasting and pre-mortems

16 Feb 2021

Forecasting is integral to decision making. All decisions implicitly involve a view of the future, something that is getting progressively difficult to do with any level of certainty.

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Making better decisions: explore versus exploit

14 Feb 2021

This article is one in a series of life hacks, tips and tricks for making better decisions with data.

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Making better decisions: reflection and learning

12 Feb 2021

Learning requires doing. Allow for practice, failure and celebration of well-calibrated risk taking rather than unwittingly rewarding luck.

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how to stay creative

How to stay creative in the data age

26 Jan 2021

As humans rely more and more on data for decision making, it's important to value effortful thinking over intuition because AI and Big Data operate beyond the limits of human intuition. But how does creativity fare when people think slow?

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How to think about intuition in the data age

25 Jan 2021

Humans co-evolved cognition and cooperation. We experience thinking that is fast, efficient and relies on previous experience as intuition—a gut feel or instinctive conclusion. Data has a role in helping us update our tacit knowledge.

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Apple Should Win Its Intensifying Battle With Facebook

23 Jan 2021

This article was originally published in The Information. Facebook says Apple will change the internet as we know it. Good! The brewing battle over the soul of Silicon Valley has finally hit a breaking point. Apple, which sees individuals as its customers, is advancing iOS users’ privacy with the choice to opt in to ad … Apple Should Win Its...

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How to design a data culture in two steps

22 Jan 2021

Strong cultures are designed while weak cultures are allowed to emerge which is why a data culture that works needs to be by design.

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HireVue has stopped analyzing facial expressions. What now?

18 Jan 2021

Last week, HireVue, one of the major vendors of algorithmic assessment tools killed off its most controversial feature—facial expression analysis. Up until now, job seekers being screened by HireVue would have their video interview analyzed by an AI that assigns certain traits and makes predictions about likely performance, such as "dependability," "emotional intelligence" and "cognitive ability." Companies such as GE,...

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Toolkit: How to de-bias your AI recruitment systems

18 Jan 2021

The coronavirus crisis is accelerating the adoption of AI-powered systems to recruit, evaluate, track and onboard employees. As our societies adjust to the shock of the crisis, likely including several cycles of self-isolation over the coming months, coronavirus is accelerating several prominent future-of-work trends. One of the most important is the use of automated hiring systems.

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