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The AI Strategy Roadmap

Identify problems. Find solutions. Establish a strategy.

Don’t know where to start? Start here. The AI Strategy Roadmap process begins by leading your team through the basics of AI technology, design, management and governance. Our AI experts will then lead you through a strategic evaluation of AI opportunities and co-create a concrete, actionable list of AI opportunities within your business—organized by priority and viability.

Our process maximizes efficiency by accelerating the learning process, giving your team the instant opportunity to sketch AI solutions to the problems that matter most. 

We’ll coach you through the possibilities and the pitfalls so that you can develop a powerful set of solutions to pursue and a clear path forward for your customers, employees and shareholders.

The AI Governance System

Develop a program to manage your intelligent technologies

AI governance is different. In order to deploy intelligent technologies with intelligent humans, systems for handling bias, ethics and accountability need to be established at the beginning. Now that budget is deployed for AI projects, spend some of it planning and executing an AI governance system designed for the unique requirements of AI and customized for your company.

We’ll take you through the process of planning how to govern AI-enabled systems—from management to crisis management and on-going learning. Our process is flexible and adjusts to your needs but focuses on helping you plan for systems that learn, adapt and change “in the wild” to users’ interactions. Your governance system will include a clear set of management plans that you can use for implementation across your organization, accelerating progress, keeping people in the loop and ensuring decisions that were made don’t backslide. 

The AI Design Sprint

Make a plan. Build a prototype. Get feedback.

This five-day sprint is based on proven principles used by companies like Google and Slack to design, prototype and receive feedback on products and platforms. Unlike other sprints, Sonder Scheme’s one-of-a-kind approach is designed specifically around AI principles for even non-technical team members.

With our guided AI design sprint, you’ll spend time focusing on the key problems that need solving, identifying whether AI is the right solution and delving into the specifics of an effective AI design. Then you’ll create a working prototype, validate it with users and establish a clear path forward. 

AI can accelerate your business or hold you back.
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