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Here's what you'll learn in our online AI course:

The technical stuff in a
non-technical way

  • the relationship between AI and data
  • four ways that machines learn
  • five types of AI you need to understand
  • how AI is engineered
  • what this means for you

Managing in the age of AI

  • skills for the future of work
  • automation, augmentation and the value of human skills
  • how humans think
  • what humans want

AI governance

  • privacy, bias, ethics
  • accountability, competition
  • employment, equality
  • what all this means in a fast-paced, increasingly winner-takes-all economy 

Designing human-centered AI

  • AI experiences
  • AI relationships
  • AI interactions
  • uniquely human ways to think about designing AI
AI Workshops

Everything you need in an online AI course

The best way to learn about AI business leadership.

  • 5+ hours of instructional videos and context-rich content.
  • A downloadable AI Toolkit with dozens of exercises and resources to use individually or with your team.
  • Practical guidance on what to do as you develop your leadership skills and knowledge around AI.
  • Taught by AI experts whose last AI training and research business was bought by a major media company!

Including a downloadable AI Toolkit for you and your team.

Over 60 videos, exercises and resources!

  • Introduction (video)
  • Why AI matters (video)
  • Three eras of digital innovation (exercise)
  • Human-centered AI
  • What is human-centered AI (video)
  • Is AI a solution looking for a problem (video)
  • A case study: self-driving cars (video)
  • Human-centered AI design process (poster)
  • Human-centered AI design process (exercise)
  • AI qualification checklist (exercise)
  • Humans vs machines (exercise)
  • What people want from AI (exercise)
  • Learning cycle (poster)
  • AI experience (poster)
  • AI experience (exercise)
  • AI relationship (poster)
  • AI relationship (exercise)
  • AI interaction (poster)
  • AI interaction (exercise)
  • AI history (video)
  • Learning methods (video)
  • Types of machine learning (video)
  • Neural networks and deep learning (video)
  • Bayesian algorithms (video)
  • A different view of machine learning (video)
  • Machine learning applications (exercise)
  • Machine learning classes (exercise)
  • Governance intro (video)
  • Privacy (video)
  • Bias (video)
  • Ethics (video)
  • Accountability (video)
  • Competition (video)
  • Employment (video)
  • Equality (video)
  • Governance (poster)
  • Governance (exercise)
  • How AI goes wrong (video)
  • Engineering management (video)
  • Skills in the age of AI (video)
  • Machine employees (video)
  • Future of work (video)
  • Augment vs automate (poster)
  • Augment vs automate (exercise)
  • Your job and AI (exercise)
  • Think what ifs (3 exercises)
  • Know what ifs (3 exercises)
  • See what ifs (3 exercises)
  • Feel what ifs (3 exercises)
  • Talk what ifs (3 exercises)
  • Make what ifs (3 exercises)
  • Move what ifs (3 exercises)

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Frequently asked questions

What do I get when I buy?

Immediate access to all of the online AI course materials including videos and downloadable exercises and resources. 

How long does the online AI course take?

The AI course currently has 5-6 hours of videos which you can get through at your own pace. We’ve intentionally kept these videos compact to get you through the most important content as quickly as possible. The exercises are optional but will start you on a journey of learning and discovery that can be short or long—all depends on how much time you want to give to your AI learning. All of this means you can get through the Masterclass over a weekend and be ready to talk AI at work on Monday morning. Then you can go as deep as you want with the rest of the content we’ll give you throughout the year.

Will this be appropriate for me if I’m not technical?

Of course! Our online AI course is designed for those who are interested in technology but are not technical. We’ve spent our careers working with technical people and our goal is to make you a great engineering partner, not necessarily, a data scientist or an engineer.

Will this membership be interesting if I am technical?

Yes! We’ll give you great ways to describe AI technology to people you work with. And we go into topics you will find really helpful like human-centered AI design, AI governance, human-machine skills, the future of work and much more. 

Do you offer volume licenses?

Yes! We think as many people should know about AI as possible. We’re happy to talk about volume purchases and discounts for your team or company. Send us an email at hello@sonderscheme.com.